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Originally Posted by TheBest View Post
First of all: I am not leaving any of the clubs in a second, I always write a message to leader that next season I am going to another club, and until now, noone has troubles with it. So it's not "in a second".

Second: Why it wouldn't bring me a success for long? Changing 3 clubs won't bring success? I will be still training 300 endurance every day and if none of the top clubs would want me, I can find lower club as well, don't worry. :-) I don't know you, but I supposed you changed clubs more than 3 times, and I think it didn't bring you disappointment.

So thank you for your reaction, but bread won't be cheaper in this times, haha.
1) Thats why I wrote second/SEASON. I know that you always told your captain before the Season ends, but it brings the Team in a bad situation anyways, because its hard to find good Players.

2) That was directed to the Clubs not to you. If the Team replaces Loyal Players for Unloyal Players, then they're going to split up very soon.

Originally Posted by ddouglas View Post
I understand what you mean and I agree with you,
but we all stay where we feel good, he still has doubts about the best place to stay and we canít change that,
I wish you luck is a good person!
That doesnt make any sense. He wrote about Hospice, that it was a great Team and he likes the People. Then why is he leaving and trying out other Clubs?

Is he trying to find people he could even like more?

If thats so, I would be disappointed if Thibinho would take him back, because thats pretty disrespectful to all of the Players at Hospice.(IMO)
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I think Best is good to try more teams if he wants to meet more people and find the ideal solution for him .. I don't see anything wrong (my opinion)

we are running out of the game, must have fun at least the last few months

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Maybe TheBest is just one of those players who chose to live the nomadic life. Maybe one day he will stop somewhere, where he will feel good. I hope so and wish it to him!

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We have only 3 months to play for sure, if someone wants to play in another team for knowing all the players it's not a tragedy.
Indeed it is better, at least the game becomes more interesting.
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