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Post Guide For a Pro SoccerStar Player

I decided to write a soccerstar play guide that is not the classic "wear out all your stamina", get some drink, etc. but something more detailed. Who will help the one he gets know for 30 points a day, get 35. He is more interested in those who do not play with stars and want to get the maximum every day. Well we have and we say.

First of all I will mention the very basic:
- We exhaust our endurance every day. If you do not do that, then this guide is not for you.
- We definitely get the drink "Freshly squeezed juice" which reduces the training time by 50% ... making it automatically more boring. But again and again here is the same thing, if you do not get it because you are bored, then change it now.

These two are absolutely essential and for which there is not even discussion. . Let's go now to something more advanced.

Other beverages
The other drinks you need to get are:
"Fast slimming". Gives + 10% to your skills and is the highest that does not want stars. The reason we do not prefer what gives + 15% or much more than that of 25% is that it is preferable that these extra stars you would give for these drinks, go for wellness. (Anyone reading this line exclaimed, "What do you think, do not sit and workout 100 minutes, do you want me to do another?" Then it's never too late to change locally.) Drinking can have more immediate results, but in the long run, by doing well, we will have more power than someone who prefers drinks. That's because through extra training we have more chance of finding a better item, we obviously get money with which we buy food, we have the ability to finish a knot that we could not do because endurance ended, and in the end, in the long run, we will get more points so.
Example. Suppose we have 100 power points. If we get the drink of + 15% we will go to our strength at around 115 (I say about why it does not work just like that, but it does not matter). But if instead of drinking, we give the star for wellness then, and given that we do the best possible training and we also do a 3-way combo, we will get about 30 points (maybe more if we are trained to give double ). That is, 6 (30/5) points of strength. So finally in three weeks we will have gotten more than someone who just took the drink, and this power we will have, and he will have to continue to drink.
We do not even talk about its 25% drink because you can not get it every week anyway (I remind you that this guide refers to those who do not play with stars). This drink is recommended only if it is difficult to follow the championship (AND ONLY). However, it is a risk because if you do not get the championship then you will cry the stars that would go for wellness and thus for a steady increase in your strength.

"Spirits and spirits" (-15% exhaustion). No more, we want the stars for wellness.
"+ 25% salary". The same. The money is not that important.

Note: We can squeeze drinks. That is, if we already have the drink that increases the capacities by 10% and we also eat the same value, then we will lengthen the time it will last. A very important detail because that's how we will hardly end up without drinking. It is enough every time we get the drink, we buy it. However, as I mentioned it, the exception may be the drink of skill, because if we have stacked a lot and at some point we take the energy juice (which gives + 25% to the skills) because it follows a race to judge the championship, then we lose all its drinks + 10% we had taken.

First the basics. First of all, we choose the most effective workout when it's not a knot issue. Also between two workouts with the same performance ratio, we always choose the one who wants less time. If e.g. a workout gives 10: 00 / + 8 and another 2: 30 / + 2, then we select that of two and a half minutes. Between two workouts with the same performance and same time (and, of course, no knot issue), we choose the one that gives the most money.
If one of the workouts is for publicity and is 2:30 minutes, we only select it if the other two are unprofitable and are over 2:30 minutes. If the other two are e.g. 5: 00 / + 2 and 7: 30 / + 3, then we select the demo. If this demonstration is 5:00 or more minutes, then with a heavy heart you have to choose one of the other who raises a skill. At least we leave the knot open. I think in general the demonstration is worthwhile only if there is a event that gives double publicity. More below.

First of all, obviously it is necessary to find our knot. It is not very difficult. When we find it, we mark it somewhereThere are a few exceptions, however, that want attention.

3-way combo
Let's say we started making the knot and we have already done 2-way and now we have to choose the third training. The third training is 10: 00 / + 4 and with the knot +14. There is also another one that is 10: 00 / + 8 and gives the double, ie +16. Obviously we have to choose this one and not the one that makes the knot.
In a few words. We are not drifting from the 3-way knot. We look at the other two choices first and if any of us are in favor of it then we choose the one that suits us. Besides, we have the chance to start a new knot, so get even more points.
The above is even more likely to happen during an event that gives double power and we need to be even more careful here because we can lose many points if we get caught.
Another chance to break the 3-way combo is if there is another workout that gives better than what we have.

2-way combo
There are cases where the training that will make us the 2-way combo gives us eg. 10: 00 / + 4 (ie +7). If there is another workout that gives 10: 00 / + 16 (ie double) then it is not sure whether the risk is worth. It may not come out the training we need to do a 3-way combo. Especially if we just made a 3-way knot, then I think it's not worth the risk. Calcio five and in the hand they say *** 8230?
Caution. If the 2-way combo training is 2: 30 / + 1 (ie +4) and there is another double training that gives 10: 00 / + 16, then we select that knot. It has the same performance as 10 minutes (16/10 = 1.6 and 4 / 2.5 = 1.6) and leaves open the possibility for a 3-way combo.

Something last about knots. When we finish our daily training, we look at whether, if we had another endurance, we could make a knot. That is, if there are 3 choices that appear to us (and that we can not choose because we no longer have any other endurance), the training that would give us the knot. If it exists, then we note it somewhere (there, for example, where we have our knot too) so that on the next day that our resilience will be renewed, let us continue from where we have stayed.

It goes without saying that when we finish our endurance, we put our player to work. Ideally, and if we are really burned, we put him to work until the time before we sleep for the night or anyway until the last moment we know we will be on the computer. If e.g. we finish our workout at 17:00 and we know that at 22:00 we will be back on the computer, then we put him to work for 5 hours. At 22:00 when it's over, we'll have him working until the next day, ideally by the time we get back to the computer. B.C. if we intend to wake up at 7:00 (yes, there is a world that wakes up at 7 rails), then we put him to work for 9 hours. I repeat this advice is about the real burnt people who want to get the maximum every day. In fact, at most, get 0.2 (with 0.4 points) above (thanks to the extra food we will get), so do not worry.

It is generally good not to buy our clothes. Even if there is a garment in the store that increases our strength, it is advisable to keep it and not buy it. This is because sooner or later we will find a similar garment through training. Besides, in order to get better clothes in the shop, we logically recently climbed to the level of publicity. So all you need is a little patience until you get better clothes and workout. So we save the money and give it for food. Why pay for something you can find it? The same applies to epics. They are not worth the 25 stars. Unless of course if we play with stars and we have no problem. But again, the stars must be given for well-being and nothing else (or certainly for the group of course).

When there is an event, get ready to die at soccerstar. In addition to exhausting all of your stamina, you should give all 10 stars that are the daily maximum for wellness. This means a total of 300 minutes of training. That is 5 hours. It's OK.
So you should always have 20 stars so you can give them all the weekend of the event. Let's now see each event separately

Star event
It is the most tiring event if you want to play correctly. Here that you knew about the knot, etc. are not valid. Here we always choose the coaching that gives a star. If none gives a star, then we select the one that requires the least probable time even if it performs worse than another. Ideally, every time we choose a training that wants 2:30 minutes. So we increase the number of training sessions we will make, and hence the probability of finding stars.

Event Coach
In this event many training sessions will give double points. If it happens at the same timebecause of the team coach, he also does a 3-way combo, then with a ten-minute workout that would normally give +8, we can finally get +42. Not bad at all
So again, we need to run out of our regular daily stamina, and the 20 stars we have kept. Here, what you want to be careful about is that there are times when the knot is inconvenient. If e.g. a training that makes a 3-way combo gives us 7: 30 / +6 (ie +16) while another that has been awarded double points due to a coach and a double due to event gives us 10: 00 / + 32, then we see that in first we have a performance ratio of 16 / 7.5 = 2.1333333 while in the second 32/10 = 3.2. So we have to choose the second one.

Publicity event
Generally I am of the opinion that publicity should be taken through races and not through training. Especially since as we go up the level of publicity, the less publicity we get through the training. Unless you're in a moderate team that rarely wins (in which case, it's time to change a group). In any case, if you want to play in this event then you may choose a dual publicity workout only if the other two are not profitable. However, I would suggest that you keep the stars for another event.

Event manager
This event I think is not worth the stars. If you want to play, then do not force the combo for a double coaching session.

Group selection
Seeing the whole thing cynically, we choose a team that will elevate us as quickly as possible. That is to say, who will first have a high coach and second good players (even if they are inactive). Ideal teams to get started are those who have a coach in the 50th, but over time their players have left it and now only the leader and two other three active men are left and everyone else is inactive. Probably the leader in a desperate attempt to save his team, has made notices. We take the opportunity from the hair and we enter the team. The most likely thing is to put us in the basics. So, and we will benefit from the high coach, and we will also get publicity, because reasonably the inactive players of the team are relatively good, so our team will win several games. Especially if he has been charged.
However, if we see that the leader does not put us, but he prefers someone inactive, then we are initially asking him to put us, and if not moved, then we do.
Good academics are also good choices. It is only understood if they have a good coach (from 40 and above without the bonus bonuses).
At some point we will gain strength and accept an invitation from more active groups. Then we look at what a coach they have and if they have strong players. If they are worth, we go there.
Although being in the first category has another glamor, it does not make sense if the team does not have a good coach, or if we know that we will not be key. So we first look at how many players the team has in our position. If e.g. already has 3 attackers and we are aggressive, then it is good not to go. At best, they will rotate us, so we will not play as much as we can (that is, in each game). In general, group selection is important and should be done with caution. Something else, though it is out of the question. When we go to a group, we do not begin to blast the leader to honor us. Besides being unethical, it does not benefit us in any way.

Cumulative list of starless use of
- Skip training
- Beverages (excluding -50% in training)
- Buying clothes
- New goods (clothes or drinks)

Epilogue ()
Generally soccerstar is a game that wants time. If we are bored, then it is good not to worry. We will tire both ourselves and the team we are going to enter. I would also suggest at the time we train, do something else (either on the computer or somewhere near) so that the time is more pleasant. If we simply sit and count for seconds until the time is over, then we will not stand and we will close it. These few. I hope I helped.

** if you have any other suggestion different for me or correction everything is acceptable to discuss . Copyrights can be given only by my okay . I would appreciate if you Thanks my post ^^

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Default Stars

If you use stars to get more endurance, I also suggest to use one star at a time.
Because when you left just 2:30 endurance from the star, the game must give you a 2:30 choice, which is better to have more tries for the knots.
Then you spend another star to continue.
In addition, the game seems to give you better choices with the last training, to encourage you to spend another star.

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I don't think that spending the daily stars is a good idea ( i talk for players that play f2p not premium ) Imagine that every week you gain 7 stars , so you spend 5 to buy the -50% training potion . So only 2 stars left ... So you can do only 2 days an extra spa ... And imagine that if you will do 2 spa every week , you will have 0 stars in the end so on training event you can't do extra spa which is necessary for your player .... Moreover if you don't do the 2 stars spa every week you will have +2 stars so every month +10 stars ... with the stars event you will have +15-+20 stars because there you do full spa both days so you will have an amount of 35 stars since the Training Event ...
If you talk for players that play premium this is not a guide for them , this is a guide for a F2P player , the premium players does full spa every day and on stars event there isn't necessary to do the giving training & break a combo , but to do the best skill training ..
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