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Round 10:
Slaapkamer 1 / Bedroom 1: Noah
Gang / Hallway: Jomancool54 (died, he WASN'T a Traitor)
Badkamer / Badroom: Sventhoon, Bart


Sventhoon (3x)
Noah (3x)
Ultimate cv (1x)

I've decided to use the same rules at the end of the first game. So when you're 3x inactive, you get a negative vote on yourself. At 4x inactive you get 2 negative votes, at 5x inactive you get 3 negative votes. But at 6x inactive, you instantly die.


Bart - 3 (can be killed)
Ultimate cv - 1
Sventhoon - 1
Noah - 1

You vote for someone because you are suspecting someone of being Traitor. Voting goes through PM and may at any time, but you can not change your vote until that person is dead. If anyone has three votes or more then that person can be killed. (That also goes via PM with example 'I want to kill ....). But if you want to kill someone, you have to get in the same room as that person. But if an innocent person got killed by votes, then the killer gets a negative vote. (Thus, you automatically get one vote extra)


Send via PM where you're going....


Deadline: 15-09-2013 15:00 (3 days, 6 hours and 51 minutes after this post)


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game, good game junjie!, innocents, junjie, junjie is een traitor, steeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, steen, traitors, traps

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