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Originally Posted by TheTank View Post
The idea is good, but it makes the top teams stronger, someone in my team might be willing to pay 100s of pounds into the game, buy loads of epics and just pass them around the team. It sort of becomes "who has the most money to spend wins". At the moment it is abit like the more money the better but it is limited to only one person spending their money on their own account. One person does not make a team at the moment, but some of your ideas could lead to the "one man team".
I think you need to consider the maths on it. Most people can only update their clothes every 10 hours so the odds of getting an epic item etc is low - I haven't had an epic item show up for months, and two of the three I own are boots Once you get to the higher powered items of clothing that cost 10 gold etc, then thanks to the fact you can't pool your gold, you are always relying on the higher famed person being prepared to donate real cash in order to be able to buy the items. The few times an item appears that improves me often only adds 0.12 etc to my overall skill. Frankly it isn't worth spending 10 gold on such a pitiful boost.

Unless you are prepared to donate a lot of real cash for gold and spend gold on updating the clothes store repeatedly, then the most powerful the clothes, the more rare they are.

Consider this - my base skill is over 100, boosted to over 200 with items. If I lent one of my epic items to a newer player with base skill of say 20, then compared with that player's other clothes, my epic item will boost them by 100%. That is a large boost for the player, but for a team that has a number of players with a base skill over 100, that newer player will still be weak for the team - even with the boost. If I lent that item to another team mate who has base skill of 80, then compared with that player's own clothes, the epic item will only give them a boost of, say, 10% - same as one of the skill potions. The higher the skill you loan the item to then the % boost is a lot less. Consider that the higher level you are, the chances of being offered an item that will boost you is small, then even having a higher famed person who is prepared to use their own money isn't going to guarentee anything.

What determines the quality of the items is yor fame level. Even if you use the wellness area 10 times per day, you are not going to level up fame wise to break the game.

Realistically, how many people in this game have spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds.
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I know a few people who have spent over hundreds of pounds, also giving a new player an amazing item right away isn't really fun for them, they should be leveling up by themselfs. If you are willing to dontate money to the game you will improve, but if you don't want to spend the money and time playing game shouldn't deserve the best items in the game.

EDIT: Changed a few words, I was it a rush when I wrote this

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just found an epic after wasting 60 stars yipee but too bad it its the other in same type as the other. I would waste 25 stars for 0.34 better no thanks. should be able to trade for 5k and also change from shirt to pants for 10k
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I think its a good idea actually
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I just bought an epic for 25 gold and 3 mil that improved 8.00 points. Im thinking can you trade items with ohter team mates ?
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Originally Posted by Slim View Post
I just bought an epic for 25 gold and 3 mil that improved 8.00 points. Im thinking can you trade items with ohter team mates ?

it's also worth pointing out that the value of epics has really taken a hit these days

if you'd spent those 25 stars on extra training instead over 2 or 3 days, you would have been able to make around a 120-180 point gain rather than 8

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