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I don't think that spending the daily stars is a good idea ( i talk for players that play f2p not premium ) Imagine that every week you gain 7 stars , so you spend 5 to buy the -50% training potion . So only 2 stars left ... So you can do only 2 days an extra spa ... And imagine that if you will do 2 spa every week , you will have 0 stars in the end so on training event you can't do extra spa which is necessary for your player .... Moreover if you don't do the 2 stars spa every week you will have +2 stars so every month +10 stars ... with the stars event you will have +15-+20 stars because there you do full spa both days so you will have an amount of 35 stars since the Training Event ...
If you talk for players that play premium this is not a guide for them , this is a guide for a F2P player , the premium players does full spa every day and on stars event there isn't necessary to do the giving training & break a combo , but to do the best skill training ..
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