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xxlwkpedroxx 04.05.2019 03:22

Official opening: 19/04/2019

Hello everyone, we are looking for any player above 2000.
-We are a 3rd league team that pretends to get to the 1st league.

For those interested:

-Coach: 40
-Manager: 25
-Stadium: 38

Just for the record initially we were a exclusive Portuguese members team, but due to the lack of active players, we are thinking to become an international team before we reach the 1st league.

Have a good game!


xxlwkpedroxx 06.05.2019 17:44

We are glad to welcome our two new polish reinforcements:

We wish them the best luck in their new house and he hope that we can win a lot of games together!

Good game everyone.

xxlwkpedroxx 08.05.2019 23:00

Unfortunately and due to internal and personal reasons our team will close early.
Thank you to all who believed in this project but with my regret it was not enough.
I would ask a mod to close the topic please.

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