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Fresh2DEF 03.03.2011 23:52

Join the " Untuchables " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manager Lvl: 13 Coach Lvl: 10 Stadium Lvl: 5

we are looking for players of any skill level to help build a strong team for the future!!!!! if your newcomers or people looking for a new club...... all are welcome!!!!

we have an already well-established, group of players and need to build a FULL team of players.

we invest in the club by donating regularly and we always offer advice and help in the game :)

if you would like to join..............
message either Walls or Leefox in-game for an invite :)

MasterL 04.03.2011 08:13

Good club with real nice members A++

Fresh2DEF 20.03.2011 01:39

We are currently ranked 31st in the 1st league.......
our upgrades are :
Manager: 25
Stadium: 25
Coach: 22

we currently need a midfielder to fill a vacancy in our starting 11, we need somebody who is looking for a club to win things with and drive forward with the team....
and.....We are also looking for a midfielder and defender for the future aswell!!!!

ANY APPLICANTS:........... message myself in game ("leefox") or on here, ("Fresh2Def")

Fresh2DEF 20.03.2011 19:58

we urgently require a midfielder!!!!!!!!!!

our rank has dropped from 18th to 31st because of a crappy CPU player now in our starting 11.......

any skill levels welcome!!!!! search " untuchables " or " leefox" in the rankings section to find us... :)

whichever player decides to save us from carl crossman i will personally make sure you are well recognised within the team......

please!!!!!! help a strong, growing team in a dilemma!!!!!!

Fresh2DEF 21.03.2011 02:57

We have dropped from 31st now to 39th!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!


both are urgently needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carl crossman and tom tipper just cant hack it!!!!!

please somebody help out !!!!

walls 21.03.2011 03:14

Team chairman/founder
Ok any 1 looking for a club join up today we are generly active on each day or each other day so there is always some 1 to chat with

Positions in dire need
1Striker Preferd at 50% skill
1Midfielder preferd at 50% skill

There are also open spaces for other positions and extra Strikers and Midfielders at any skill Lv so if your new and need a team or not at 50% jion up any way and we can help you get your skills up

Team details

we do our best to help but we an only help if you ask for it we are football player not pysics so unless you msg myself (Walls), Leefox or Whitters in game


Stadium LV 25
Coach LV 23
Manager LV 25

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