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Leander 28.07.2018 00:21

+100% Special Bonus vs. +20% Star Sale Bonus
+100% Special Bonus vs. +20% Star Sale Bonus

There's a +100% special bonus for your first order on every server, indicated by the +100% icons. You get twice as many :star: for your money as normal. Please note that this special is only valid ONCE and the displayed amount already has this bonus included.

Then there are also regular star sales with a +20% bonus every few weeks.

Please note that you cannot use both bonuses at the same time! If you haven't used your +100% bonus yet and buy :star: during a star sale, you will get just the +100% bonus but not the +20% bonus. Only from your second order on during a +20% star sale will the +20% bonus be applied.

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