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Exclamation Bug with the Rankings

Hey ,

I am 18,690.25 skills right now ( 13:44 Greek Time )
And I am 28 rank ..

Some players in ranking who are better than me and HAD 25% in old times now in ranking it shows that they have it but when I check their profiles they don't have it and they are not higher skill than me ... !!!

so I lose positions in Ranking !

for example :

In ranking it shows : 23,043.75
When I check the player's profile : 18,435.00

I am 18,690.25 > 18,435 but he is 20 rank ( with the 25% WHICH DOESN'T EXIST NOW BECAUSE HE IS INACTIVE ) ... And I am 28 rank ..
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The player profiles are always up to date but ranking take a while to be updated. That's why they are sometimes different.

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