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Post New guide to start playing SoccerStar

The first thing you need to know to start playing is that this is a game that if you want to be decently well, you have to log in every day.

1-The first thing is to create the account, putting the name of your login, email (QE have to validate) and password. You start with 15 stars, plus 10 you get to validate your email.

2nd-The first thing you have to do after create you account is going to buy food and drink -50% or 30% if you have not gone the previous drink. With that you can make workouts twice a day.

3rd-start training, of course, in paragraph training, it is always advisable to do shorter workouts. At the start, whenever you exit Exhibition training, do it, because that will give you fame is most important of the game, if not the most important, as it provides you more money and better clothes. You have to discover your own combos, which are combinations of different skills training that you get a bonus, here's a guide on how to find your own combos and clarify that the combos are:
Jamelo Guide.

4th-Find yourself a club where you can play every game and gain fame, and if you might have a good coach. In this club you will spend a couple or three seasons, and if you're not convinced, you can change, but that will penalize you 24 hours without fame.

5th-bar When you finish training you have 2 options:

-You Stars spend on welfare and keep training.

-Put To work until 00:00, in this case if you can connect at this time, because at that time your stamina bar will recover unpaid stars.
If you can not connect at 00:00 get to work 10 hours to earn money.

6-When you receive the money, donate what you claim the club and the other gastatelo in clothing (do not buy clothes with stars) that will improve and food, buying foods that will improve one hablidad +1, but they are very cheap.

7-retrains and he has finished the bar, and here and the steps are repeated from the 5th step. You can buy a drink you increase your skill, 15% or 25% depending on the stars you have.

This is essential to start playing SoccerStar right foot.
I hope I helped you!
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I think that is also useful if you have stars to buy +100% money job...

and to find a good team where you will not be a bench
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Because of you got money with training too, I think "get clothes" should be in one of the first points after training.

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Default train combos , clothes, good captain

To have skill boost clothes are the most important in the game to gain more skills.
...Find a team where are active players and NOT the weakest team in the league.
...Train 100% minimum every day and find your combos in the beginning. Plus keep your eye open what clothes you can get after training.
...Make sure your captain cares about the club and players and being active in the chat.
Be active and train. Write messages to captains in other clubs if you think the other club is more for you.
Be a GK or Defender when you create a player...
Everybody wants to score goals so its more strikers in the game therefore more competition. If you are a good GK or defender ..than other teams wants you join them and they will send invitations more often
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