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Default how to know the players' skills drink

hello, come here show how to know the players' skills drink my topic in Portuguese forum:
I will try to translate it into the translator: p
Good staff after several requests for players to ask how I know the drinks of the players. I will explain here.
If your number ends with 0, 0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, no potion
ex 30675.20

If the number ends with 0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, beverage has 25% skills.
Eg 30675.20 -> 38,344

If the number of decimal ends of any of the above dividis number by 1.10, if the division is drink 10% skills performed well.
Ex: 33742.72 / 1.10 = 30675.20

If it does not match any of these 3 *** 8203; *** 8203; shall have the 15%, but may also apply the above.
Ex: 35276.48 / 1.15 = 30675.20
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

1 How do I know devidistes well?

35.276.48 / 1.15 = 30,675.20 <- turned out well, then it leads to 15
35.276.48 / 1.10 = 32069.527272727 ... <- left everything repeated, you do not have to drink 10%

2 If the number is an integer has no decimal, how do I know if it has 25% or potion is not doping?

Let him train, and if it goes up to 0.20 decimal does not drink, if it rises to 0.25, the potion is 25%.

if they doubt say.
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Thanks for help me to explain
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